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Doggie Glasses?

Excerpted from "What Do Dogs Know?":

When it comes to vision, humans are considerably better off than their canine companions. Dogs can never know much about colors, since their color vision is limited; indeed, for many years scientists thought that dogs could only see the world in shades of gray.

Recent research has proven that dogs do have some color vision. This was done by training dogs to discriminate between various colored lights. These studies determined that our pet canines can't tell the difference between reds and greens at ail, and they probably see the world in shades of blue and yellow.

The effort it took to train dogs in these experimental tests probably means that dogs don't attach the significance to colors that humans do. For instance, take an old brown sofa that a dog likes to curl up in and reupholster it in a delicate, light blue fabric. Suddenly the dog's family won't let him come near it anymore. Dogs are unclear about the concept here.They may wonder "is light blue dangerous or unhealthy for dogs?"

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