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Scientific publications

A sampling of some of Stanley Coren's more recent scientific publications.

Because of his extensive publication record, only a few of his more recent scientific publications will be listed here as an example of his work. It includes a sample of his journal articles, invited chapters and technical books.

Coren, S. (1999). Psychology Applied to Animal Learning. In
Bernstein, D.A. and Stec, A. (Eds.), Psychology: Fields of
Application, (pp. 199-217). Houghton Mifflin: Boston.

Coren, S., Ward, L.M. & Enns, J.T. (1999). Sensation and Perception
5th ed. Fort Worth, TX: Harcourt Brace (pp. i-xii, 1-659).

Coren, S. & Hewitt, P.L. (1998). Is anorexia nervosa associated
with elevated rates of suicide? American Journal of Public
Health, 88, 1206-1207.

Coren, S. (1998). Handedness as a marker for drug
hypersensitivity. Laterality, 3, 161-172.

Coren, S. (1997). Allergic patients do not comply with doctor's
advice to stop owning pets. British Medical Journal, 314, 517.

Coren, S. (1997). The Sleepy Society. In Encyclopedia Britannica
Yearbook of Science and the Future, Chicago: Encyclopedia
Brittanica (pp. 42-55).

Coren, S. (1997) Visual Illusions. In R. Dulbecco (Ed.),
Encyclopedia of Human Biology, 2nd ed. Volume 8. Orlando,
Florida: Academic Press (pp. 717-721).

Coren, S. & Previc, F.H. (1996). Handedness as a predictor of
increased risk of knee, elbow or shoulder injury, fractures and
broken bones. Laterality, 1, 139-152.

Coren, S. (1996). Daylight savings time and traffic accidents.
New England Journal of Medicine, 334, 924.

Harland, R.E. & Coren, S. (1996). Adult sensory capacities as a
function of birth risk factors. Journal of Clinical and
Experimental Neuropsychology, 18, 394-405.

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handedness. In D. Elliot and E.A. Roy (Eds.), Manual Asymmetries
in Motor Performance, (pp. 83-98). CRC Press: Boca Raton.

Coren, S. & Hakstian, A.R. (1996). Screening for stereopsis
without the use of technical equipment: Scale development and
cross-validation. International Journal of Epidemiology, 25, 146-

Coren, S. (1995). Family patterns in handedness: Evidence for
indirect inheritance mediated by birth stress. Behavior Genetics,
25, 517-524.

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variations in visual and auditory abilities. Personality and
Individual Differences, 18, 15-25.

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conceptual complexity. Journal of Social Behavior and
Personality, 10, 229-242.

Enns, J.T. & Coren, S. (1995). The Box Alignment Illusion: An
orientation illusion induced by pictorial depth. Perception &
Psychophysics, 57, 1163-1174.

Coren, S. (1994). Twinning is associated with an increased risk
of left-handedness and inverted writing hand posture. Early Human
Development, 40, 23-27.

Coren, S. (1994). The prevalence of self-reported sleep
disturbances in young adults. International Journal of
Neuroscience, 79, 67-73.

Coren, S. (1994). Most comfortable listening level as a function
of age. Ergonomics, 37, 1269-1274.

Coren, S. (1994). Methodological problems in determining the
relationship between handedness and immune system function. Brain
and Cognition, 26, 168-173.

Coren, S. (1994). Depth perception. In V.S. Ramachandran (Ed.),
Encyclopedia of Human Behavior, San Diego: Academic Press (Vol.
2, pp. 123-133).

Coren, S. (1994). Age trends in handedness: Evidence for
historical changes in social pressure on the writing hand?
Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, 9, 369-376.

Coren, S. (1994). Personality differences between left- and
right-handers: An overlooked minority group? Journal of Research
in Personality, 28, 214-229.

Coren, S. (1994). Are fingerprints a genetic marker for
handedness? Behavior Genetics, 24, 141-148.

Coren, S. & Enns, J.T. (1993). Size contrast as a function of
conceptual similarity between test and inducers. Perception &
Psychophysics, 54, 579-588.

Coren, S. & Mah, K.B. (1993). Prediction of physiological
arousablity: A validation of the Arousal Predisposition Scale.
Behaviour Research and Therapy, 31, 215-219.

Coren, S. & Russell, J.A. (1992). The relative dominance of
different facial expressions of emotion under conditions of
perceptual ambiguity. Cognition and Emotion, 6, 339-356.

Coren, S. & Hakstian, A.R. (1992). The development and cross-
validation of a self-report inventory to assess pure tone
threshold hearing sensitivity. Journal of Speech and Hearing
Research, 35, 921-928.

Watson, D.B. & Coren, S. (1992). Left-handedness in male to
female transsexuals. Journal of the American Medical Association,
267, 1342.

Coren, S. (1992). Handedness, traffic crashes and defensive
reflexes. American Journal of Public Health, 82, 1176-1177.

Halpern, D.F. & Coren, S. (1991). Hand preference and life span.
New England Journal of Medicine, 324, 998.

Coren, S. & Halpern, D.F. (1991). Left-handedness: A marker for
decreased survival fitness. Psychological Bulletin, 109, 90-106.

Coren, S. (1991). Retinal mechanisms in the perception of
subjective contours: the contribution of lateral inhibition.
Perception, 20, 181-191.

Coren, S. & Hakstian, A.R. (1990). Conversion between systems of
hearing handicap measurement: An empirically determined
computational procedure. Annals of Otology, Rhinology &
Laryngology, 99, 977-979.

Coren, S. (1990). Relative risk of left-handedness in offspring
as a function of maternal age at parturition. New England Journal
of Medicine, 322, 1673.

Coren, S. & Aks, D.J. (1990). Moon illusion in pictures: A
multimechanism approach. Journal of Experimental Psychology:
Human Perception and Performance, 16, 365-380.

Coren, S. (Ed.) (1990). Left-handedness: Behavioral implications
and anomalies. Advances in Psychology, No. 67. Amsterdam: North-
Holland (pp. i-xviii, 1-574).

Coren, S. & Porac, C. (1989). Central and peripheral sensitivity
to temporally-modulated stimuli presented to the sighting and
non-sighting dominant eyes. Optometry and Vision Science, 66,

Coren, S. (1989). Southpaws--somewhat scrawnier. Journal of the
American Medical Association, 262, 2682-2683.

Coren, S. (1989). The many moon illusions: An integration through
analysis. In Hershenson, M. (ed.), The moon illusion, (pp. 351-
370). Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.

Coren, S. & Hakstian, A.R. (1989). A behaviorally validated self-
report inventory of the measurement of visual acuity.
International Journal of Epidemiology, 18, 451-456.

Coren, S. (1989). Left-handedness and accident-related injury
risk. American Journal of Public Health, 79, 1040-1041.

Searleman, A., Porac, C., & Coren, S. (1989). The relationship
between birth order, birth stress handedness and lateral
preference: A critical review. Psychological Bulletin, 105, 397-

Halpern, D.F. & Coren, S. (1988). Do right-handers live longer?
Nature, 333, 213.

Coren, S. & Hakstian, A.R. (1988) Color vision screening without
the use of technical equipment: Scale development and
cross-validation. Perception and Psychophysics, 43, 115-120.

Coren, S. (1988). Prediction of insomnia from arousability
predisposition scores: Scale development and cross-validation.
Behaviour Research and Therapy, 26, 415-420.

This is just a partial listing of works published over the last decade. Coren's publication career began in 1964 and has resulted in over 300 published items.