"Science may never comprehend the full extent of what dogs know about language, problem solving, the past, the future, God, time or philosophy. In the end, we must content ourselves with the fact that dogs know enough to be dogs -- which is all that is really required of them."

How well do dogs understand language? Why can't Rover read? Can you teach on old dog new tricks? How smart is your dog? Psychologist Stanley Coren answers these questions and many more in his enlightening books for dog owners, potential dog owners, and anyone who loves a good dog story. His best-selling works are absorbing reads combining heroic stories of dogs with the latest scientific and psychological information and sections on how to: Choose a family dog. Read your dog's body language. Test your dog's smarts. Understand the sophisticated language of the bark. Tailor a training program for best results. And so much more.

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Excerpts from Stanley Coren's best-selling books:
Cancer Sniffers
Doggie Dishes
What Do Dogs Feel?
G.I. Spot
Doggie Glasses?
Heavenly Dog
The Intelligence of Dogs
Women, dogs, and spiritual beliefs
The Left-hander Syndrome
Why We Love the Dogs We Do
Dog as Machine?
What Do Dogs Sense?
Sherlock Dog
Sigmund Dog
Sleeping Dogs
Sleep Thieves
Noah’s Ark and the Wet Nose
Coren's bright and easy writing style has also allowed him to publish several best selling books on popular psychology, and of course, there are his well known books about dogs. In addition he writes a regular column "The Minds of Dogs" in the bi-monthly magazine "Pets: Part of the Family" (Rodale Press).
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